1. Password

After creating your account you will receive a verification email. Please check that the email wasn't moved to your spam-, junk-, or bulk mail folder. The password is numerical. Please copy/paste the password: it will prevent you from making mistakes with typing. Make sure 'Caps Lock' isn't turned on. You can change the password after logging in. If you don't use the password at least once within one month your account will be deleted.

2. Yellow fields?

If some of the imput fields on this site are yellow, you might have installed the Google Toolbar. The Google Toolbar has an Autofill option which can be used to automatically fill out forms on websites. This tool also makes fields yellow, and therefore unreadable. Switch off the Autofill option in the Google Toolbar and you will see all fields in their normal color.

3. Cookies

A browser with default settings has no problems accessing our site. Make sure you always allow 'session cookies'.

4. Access at work

Your company may have a firewall which prevents you from accessing our website. Your internet use may be monitored at work.

5. Anti-popup software

Anti-popup and/or banner software can interfere with your browsing experience. You may be unable to see the profile or gallery pictures if you have this type of software enabled. Please switch off any software that prevents new windows or popup windows to be opened.

6. Email address

We perform periodic checks to confirm that the email address that you provided is still valid. You MUST have a valid email address to use this site. If our emails to you are returned because of an invalid email address, a full inbox or if our email is blocked by a spam-filter, we will disable your profile. You will not be able to use the site until you enter a new email address. You will receive a new password at the new address. If you don't add a new email address within one month, your ID, profile and messages will be deleted. Please make sure that you keep the address on our site updated in case you change your email address in order to prevent your profile and messages from being deleted!

Profile photos

You need to have at least one photo in your profile. As the other members have a photo in their profile, it is fair that you have a photo too. The photo HAS to be of YOU. You don't have to show your face, you can show your body too. IMPORTANT: You cannot have photos of other people or children in your profile, it's against the law. No cartoons, animals, flags, landscapes, pornmodels etc. Your profile and ID will be deleted if you post photos of people other than YOU in your profile. If you use your profile for illegal purposes, such as adding copyrighted pics or adding a link to a child porn site, we will delete your profile and will block future access to our site from your IP address. Your IP address ( and email address are registered in order to provide the possibility of taking legal action against those who do not conform to the above.


The email address that you signup with is private. This email address and/or personal data will not be given to third parties. This email address will never be visible on our site. We only use your email address to send you your password and inform you of news and updates.


You will not receive viruses by visiting this site. You will not receive spam from us. When you list your email address in your profile you are making it public so any email sent to that address is beyond our control.

No hate

This website is NOT a discussion forum. If you want to spread your opinion about sex, religion, politics, ethnic background or culture, please go somewhere else. If you violate the above rules we will block access and delete your profile. We have ZERO tolerance for racism and hate.




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